What you know about “El Mayimbe”?

By Ariel Navarro

Fernandito "El Mayimbe" Villalona is musical living legend from the Dominican Republic. As a young man, he participated in a search for new talent type festival. He won third place but Wifrido Vargas, leader of the merengue group Los Hijos del Rey, took notice. Even though he preferred to sing bolero, he sang merengue with his clear and beautiful voice. 

Eventually, Mr. Villalona assembled his own group. That's when his career took off and became larger than life in the Dominican Republic. Classic after classic which are still enjoyed to this very day. With all the success and fame, he fell into bad relationships and drug abuse. After his descent, he would eventually rise back on the scene to make a comeback in the early 90's. No matter what, his legacy is intact. At times it seems like he's known for his inner demons more so than his music. We must not forget his impact in Latin America. With a smooth voice and charisma for days, El Mayimbe is one of the most iconic pop culture figures in the Dominican Republic.